Coastal Zone Management Plan

The Government of India issued the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification in 2011 under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to protect the coastal environment and to regulate development activities along the coastal areas, thereby aiming to ensure livelihood security to the fishing communities, other local communities living in the coastal areas, to conserve and protect the coastal stretches, to promote sustainable development in the coastal areas. As per this notification, the coastal areas have been classified into four zones.

  • CRZ-I (ecologically sensitive)
  • CRZ-II (built-up area)
  • CRZ-III (Rural area)
  • CRZ-IV (water area which includes the water areas up to 12 Nautical Miles (NM) of the territorial waters and the tidal influenced water bodies.)

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Conceptual Diagram of Coastal Zone Management Plan
Conceptual Diagram of Coastal Zone Management Plan

Coastal Regulation Zone Map Legend

State wise CZMP Map Grids

States / UT No of Coastal Districts No of Grids
Gujarat 16 299
Daman & Diu 2 7
Maharashtra 7 101
Goa 2 21
Karnataka 3 40
Kerala 9 87
Tamil Nadu 13 117
Puducherry 1 10
Andhra Pradesh 9 150
Odisha 7 95
West Bengal 3 73
Total 72 1000

Coastal Regulation Zone Map

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  • Approved CZMP 2011
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